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Login and registration

Do I have to register?

You have to register to rent a PO Box or a Package Box. (Click here to register)

If you only receive a package once (for example, vacationers who have their luggage sent by courier in advance), give us a call or register your shipment here.

All other customers must register. They do not incur any fixed costs for the parcel endorsements. A PO box costs only €5 per month for 2 names.

-> Click here to register a shipment (only for unregistered customers)

P.O. Boxes

How many different names can the recipients have?

All family members with the same last name are allowed in one mailbox. In addition, a second surname or your SL can be used.

Do you accept certified mail on my behalf?

Yes, this is possible on request (free).
When you accept a certified mail, you will immediately receive an email and we will remind you every 5 days until collection.

Holiday service

If requested, we will scan the content and send you the scanned registered mail by email (cost: €2.50 / letter).

If you wish, we can also send you all your mail by email. We order obvious advertising letters.


Package compartments

What if my package does not fit in the package compartment?

It does not use a fixed parcel compartment. Each of your packages is placed in a compartment that fits best. That means you have a different compartment for each shipment. When you place your access card in the scanner, the compartment in which your package is stored opens.


Opening a package compartment with the chip card


Different compartment sizes, suitable for different
package sizes

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